1 сентября – День знаний


1 сентября в России отмечается День знаний. Современные школьники и студенты России отмечают праздник День знаний и начало нового учебного года 1 сентября. Концерты, встречи с друзьями и преподавателями после летних каникул, многочисленные букеты из цветов, украшающие аудитории, приподнятое настроение детей и взрослых – знакомы всем с детства.

Первый звонок звенит 1 сентября для школьников Белоруссии, Молдавии, Армении, Казахстана и Туркменистана. Собственно, большинство школьников и студентов европейских стран (Франции, Бельгии, Венгрии, Чехии, Словении и Польши) начинают обучение в начале осени. В сентябре собираются в школу ученики и студенты из Ирландии и Великобритании.
Интересно, что в царской России начало учебного года в городских гимназиях приходилось на середину августа, а в деревнях – на конец сентября, когда был собран весь урожай. Многие школьники до сих пор начинают учиться или в августе, или в сентябре, даже на территории одного государства.

В августе или сентябре начинаются занятия в образовательных учреждениях Германии, Великобритании и США. В августе начинаются занятия в Греции, Гонконге, Китае, Мексике и Тайване.

В ряде стран начало учебного года выпадает только на 2 сентября, сразу после национальных праздников. В Канаде 1 сентября отмечают День труда, в Словакии – День Конституции, в Узбекистане – День независимости страны.

Точкой отсчета начала учебного года может стать и первый понедельник. Красной датой календаря для школьников Камбоджи является, например, первый понедельник октября. Итальянские школьники начинают вести записи с 1-го октября.

Но для некоторых стран обучение детей начинается не осенью, а зимой или весной.

Так, в первый понедельник января учащиеся Сингапура и Малайзии начинают учебу в школах и вузах. В январе открываются двери учебных заведений Австралии, а также ЮАР и Танзании. В Австралии идут учиться на следующий день после национального празднования Дня Австралии.

В феврале в школу идут учащиеся Бразилии и Новой Зеландии.

В марте – студенты и школьники Южного Судана.

1 апреля (в начале финансового года) по аллеям цветущих садов розовой сакуры спешат в школу или университет японские школьники и студенты. И в апреле одетые в особую школьную форму садятся грызть гранит науки учащиеся Индии.

Школьники и студенты Таиланда начинают свой учебный год в мае, после празднования тайского нового года.

А студенты Филиппинского архипелага начинают учиться в июне.

Всем учащимся, не зависимо от времени начала учебного года, мы желаем терпения, трудолюбия и блестящих побед!


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An evaluation that men and women typically overlook when purchasing a property is a insect examination. Ensure that you have a pest evaluation expert go to the house before signing any agreements. You do not want to be stuck with a property that is contaminated with rodents, rats, or termites. [url=http://www.cinemahome.ru/HtmlEditor/languages/active.html]угги с мехом[/url] Make sure you on a regular basis look at the blood glucose levels and publish it within a sign in case you are diabetic person. It is vital that you are doing this as your blood sugar levels can be good plus some hours later on it could be dangerously great. Blood glucose levels that may be constantly great improves your risk of coronary disease and cerebrovascular event. [url=http://www.ivalis.ru/admin/customers/upload.html]Ugg гум[/url] Take into account participating in Work treatment method (agreeing to and determination therapy) to battle your panic and anxiety attacks. It's a great way to discover how to acknowledge the condition you have and then improve your thought procedures and actions in such a way which can aid you to stay away from sparks as well as reprogram sparks so they're no longer a challenge. [url=http://www.diststudy.ru/includes/client.html]Woolrich москва[/url] To prevent your pet dog from moving through to you, drive him again securely together with your joint and tell him "NO" in a firm and commanding sound. Once his toes are on the floor, pet him together with your hands and praise him to be a good canine together with his toes on to the ground. [url=http://www.cinemahome.ru/HtmlEditor/languages/active.html]угги с мехом[/url] Leverage the many tools which have been specially designed for writers. Over the last 12 months of two the industry has skyrocketed with application that is made to make your blogger's career simpler. If the software is used properly, not merely will your blog site benefit, your job will become considerably much easier to manage. Your brain is actually a muscle like any other and it calls for workout to hold it healthful and then in maximum doing work purchase. Make sure that you integrate the advice offered on this page to start hitting the gym the brain and boosting your memory space abilities. Getting "forgetful" isn't a life phrase and you can actually come up with a transform to the much better.Picture taking: Discover How To Consider Masterful Photos Without the need of Coaching [url=http://www.cinemahome.ru/images/smiles/content.html]Moncler спб[/url] http://test.barterbeans.com/member.php?action=profile&uid=22465 http://www.masistvucutcu.com/member.php?action=profile&uid=30480 http://forum.webareal.com.ua/member.php?action=profile&uid=2469 http://forums.dorkcraft.d3vm.net/member.php?action=profile&uid=144342 http://www.saturnoutlookforum.net/index.php?action=profile;u=399218
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Should you get your normal water coming from a effectively, you possibly will not be getting the essential fluoride. To help you make certain you are getting the essential fluoride for oral health work with a fluoridated tooth paste and mouthwash. These kinds of products can help your tooth absorb the essential fluoride to market healthful tooth. <a href=http://www.norm-teknik.dk/backup/Xtranet/images/navbar/power.asp>Nike Free Dame</a> Never carry your breath when you're attempting to pass a intestinal motion. Carrying this out puts further stress on the veins in the decrease part of your rectum. This is a positive flame approach to end up having piles. Unwind when you go to the restroom and you're more prone to stop the pain of piles. <a href=http://www.slicingart.com/logs/define.html>Woolrich Schweiz</a> Utilize your personal knowledge of the item to promote it. Try this product and browse testimonials to learn how many other men and women consider it. This will support you in finding the best target audience for that merchandise. When you basic your marketing strategy in your individual encounter, you may noise more genuine and credible. <a href=http://www.werkenbijogheldring.nl/include/live/router.asp>Timberland Nederland</a> Employing bogus recommendations is a bad idea although making use of internet marketing. It might seem like a good idea during the time, however when people capture on and they can get on, you are going to not be seen as a trustworthy firm. Anticipate to prove that your testimonials, come from actual human beings, who may have applied your products. <a href=http://www.concernedcarekc.org/residential/banner.php>Nike Free Run Ireland</a> If you be determined by a house organization for your personal main source of income, it is wise to have got a back-up prepare just in case issues go wrong. Have contingency plans in place for key disasters, like shedding your website web hosting service or otherwise not getting product delivery. If you plan for these eventualities, you won't be trapped without an income whilst you make an effort to restore. Having very low expectations gives you the standpoint to get pleasantly impressed by any good which comes away from your a bankruptcy proceeding filing. This article should have aided you get ready for your personal bankruptcy filling so you can spend more time residing and less time stressing about how exactly you can expect to spend your financial situation.Bankruptcy Suggestions Every Client Should Know Ahead Of Time <a href=http://www.documentsecuritysuites.com/demo/include/style.asp>Abercrombie Soldes Belgique</a> http://showclan.com/member.php?action=profile&uid=30283 http://www.agustinsierrafishing.es/forum/member.php?action=profile&uid=115881 http://forum.farmacie-naturista.ro/member.php?action=profile&uid=76732 http://tamportal.ru/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=40172 http://projectriseandshine.com/forum/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=153806
One significant teeth whitening idea is to be sure that you both brush and floss your the teeth on a regular basis. This is very important to your all round oral health along with ensuring you might be getting rid of something that will spot or discolor your the teeth for example oral plaque or gourmet coffee. <a href=http://www.partnersfdn.org/Templates/admin_style.dwt.asp>Nike Air Max</a> Put important info about your home-based business on the 1st page of your respective site. You may not want it to be hard for potential customers to discover what they need to order by you. Discuss why your product or service is useful and give a description from the piece. Use a way to allow them to directly get connected to your purchasing information and facts from that webpage. <a href=http://www.altamounthouse.co.uk/SV/svcore/file.html>Canada Goose Uk Sale</a> Cosmetic surgery fails to generally imply breast implants, or botox treatment for abundant girls which have absolutely nothing preferable to do. At times, assurance can be increased for people who have been in mishaps, or have marks left. Remember the recommendations in the following paragraphs, to help you choose the best physician for you!Look After Your Rear By Using These Easy Ideas <a href=http://www.dwtnet.ch/ccitest/ogone/sites.asp>Polo Ralph Lauren Schweiz</a> Try to step away from tablets that advertise to help you increase your memory. More often than not, these supplements will not be effective and could give you actual problems. As an alternative, you may want to look into supplements like Niacin, Thiamine, and Vitamin B-6. They all assist in improving the portion of the brain that deals with memory space. <a href=http://www.sorfors.se/ANNONS/func/menu.asp>Nike Air Max 90</a> Show patience while you are muscle development. Constructing your own muscles effectively takes time. There is absolutely no exercise regimen or wonder supplement that will help you create the muscles immediately. So be sure you take your time and undertake it correctly to keep yourself healthy and prevent a physical injury. Aromatherapy is the best way to combat pressure. Possess a little capped vial with all the important gas of both lavender, chamomile or jasmine and when you learn to really feel a bit stressed out, uncap your vial and inhale profoundly. Lavender is known to alleviate frustration and tension when jasmine is commonly used to ease stress and anxiety. Chamomile is most often useful for its calming capabilities and is also frequently claimed to aid with physical soreness too. <a href=http://www.episcopal-ks.org/campusministry/define.php>Nike Shox Nz</a> http://www.le-buzz-immobilier.com/forum/profile.php?id=206940 http://s408599889.onlinehome.us/forum/member.php?action=profile&uid=115086 http://www.tragauer-kreativ.at/leonart/member.php?action=profile&uid=128766 http://forum.webareal.com.ua/member.php?action=profile&uid=2413 http://bbadclan.eu/user-5886.html
You may want to consider fish-oil, if you suffer from nervousness. Recent studies show that fish-oil, not only helps prevent some physical ailments, but it really is great for stress and anxiety also. But, just before getting omega-3 fatty acid, speak to your physician to make sure it is best for you. <a href=http://www.unirent.rs/css/menu.html>Ugg España</a> Tell your network marketing guide concerning your personal narrative, but allow it to be fast. Be truthful and don't exaggerate, but tell them the person you were prior to signed up with this project and who you've turn out to be given that. When you haven't manufactured a bunch of dollars, let them know how you've grown as being a man or woman. <a href=http://www.artotheque-valdeloire.com/logs/base.html>Moncler Svizzera</a> Be leery for any used car dealers along the side of the road. These retailers typically have a lower than reputable reputation. The cars they offer could have flood damage, require main improvements, and they are distributed without having warranty. As soon as you travel that auto from the whole lot, any issues the vehicle has are your trouble. <a href=http://biorezonance.ru/logs/media.html>Woolrich купить</a> Will not rest around and await a check out after you have applied for a pay day loan. Virtually all payday advance organizations sends you your money into your banking account within a day or two by means of electrical down payment. As soon as this receives transferred, you must easily settle your economic emergency since payday loan conditions are really quick. <a href=http://www.aglblog.com.au/wp-includes/images/smilies/file.php>Vibram Five Fingers Brisbane</a> If you function in the full week, should try organizing your process for a Friday. Then you will not have to take as many time away from operate. You will have the weekend to recoup, and you will not have to bother about becoming away from benefit significantly too long. When processing an insurance plan assert for the business, you should always monitor time you spend and any costs you incur along the way of preparing the state. Most organization insurance coverages particularly include declare preparing fees, so don't forget to request the money you're entitled to. <a href=http://www.episcopal-ks.org/search/frame.php>Montblanc Kugelschreiber</a> http://www.gsbyouthclub.com/webboard/index.php?action=profile;u=10587 http://www.gsbyouthclub.com/webboard/index.php?action=profile;u=10587 http://www.topgames.com.br/forum_x360/profile.php?id=1054573 http://nopayhost.com/forum/member.php?action=profile&uid=2587 http://www.partneraufvierpfoten.at/member.php?action=profile&uid=99248
Typically of thumb, people who enjoy preparing their own coffee would be broad to buy their coffee beans with a weakly schedule. Caffeine legumes might be kept, nonetheless, there is no issue that new legumes resulted in best tasting espresso and must therefore be applied whenever feasible. <a href=http://www.cralinailroma.it/template/newsletter/img/move.asp>Nike Air Max Command</a> Steer clear of sexual activity if you are suffering from a candidiasis. Sexual intercourse can further aggravate your contamination preventing it from healing. Also, it is feasible for the yeast infection being moved to your companion and cause itchiness or illness for her or him. Should you engage in intercourse, make use of a condom to avoid the transfer of yeast infection. <a href=http://www.norropto.se/formmail/text.asp>Nike Air Force 1 Sverige</a> If you feel you might be spending a lot of for the renter's insurance costs, you might want to consult with your insurance provider to discover in the event the place you are booking is considered to be an increased chance construction. The higher monthly premiums could be simply because that the developing that you are booking is dangerous along with the cost is simply being passed on for your needs. <a href=http://www.becken.se/kontakt/tmp/2/error.html>Louis Vuitton Väska</a> Chemo is known to impact style buds and then make food items flavor very different. A lot of individuals criticize water and various meats tasting metal. If some foods you enjoy do not style proper, make substitutions for these people, as an illustration, should you can't eat meat, attempt fowl as an alternative. If normal water features a awful preference, give a citrus cut or try out flavoured h2o. You may also including different spices for your foods to determine if you enjoy them far better. <a href=http://www.europeclass.org.uk/oportal/Events/list.html>Timberland Uk</a> Strengthening your storage doesn't must be a intense work out. There are several straightforward, each day tasks you can do to boost your memory space little by little every day. In the following paragraphs, you will discover several ways that you could help on your own learn your memory space skills. As was explained previously, you are entitled to a wonderful grin. Nevertheless, all of the approaches accessible for teeth whitening can be perplexing. This article has provided you some really good advice on how to acquire that laugh that you just are entitled to. Stick to the advice, and before long you will be going for a picture perfect smile.Symptoms of asthma: Top Tips For Handling Your Treatment <a href=http://www.escalelocation.fr/logs/client.html>Moncler Pas Cher</a> http://www.wbcnet.de/mybb/member.php?action=profile&uid=8481 http://old.domolink.ru/forum/member.php?u=191878 http://www.datecentral.com.au/community/member.php?action=profile&uid=177565 http://aquariumbg.bg/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=115180 http://clan-outlaws.ru/newforum/index.php?action=profile;u=25294
When running an automotive home business, it is very important usually take the quantity of careers that you could manage. Consider the volume of room you may have, the instruments you have not to mention, the time you might have! When you overwhelm on your own with too many jobs to complete, you might use on your own out. <a href=http://www.kgkjuniorgolf.dk/images/mainMenu/pear.asp>Nike Air Force</a> In general, you ought to add a adolescent motorist to the existing automobile policy, except when your vehicles are really costly to ensure. If so, it may be much more inexpensive to buy an inexpensive automobile and a separate insurance policy for your adolescent. Be sure you look at all your alternatives before covering your brand-new driver. <a href=http://www.ac-omsorg.se/FCKeditor/editor/filemanager/upload/aspx/user.asp>Michael Kors Sverige</a> As stated well before in the introduction with this report, garden can be a interest that numerous people discover pleasant. Those that backyard garden, nurture vegetation from plant seeds to blooms and vegetation. By utilizing the information and facts from this report, you are able to become a effective gardener and raise your personal plant life from seed products.Love Your Own Home And Demonstrate It Well <a href=http://www.greenbox-storage.co.uk/deals/define.php>Cheap Air Max Uk</a> When you take in lots of sodium, you may be at a greater risk for being infected with piles. Consuming a lot of sea salt will resulted in a swelling in your body, and that includes the inflammation for any piles. End incorporating more salt for any foods that you will be ingesting, and you may be much better off of. <a href=http://www.giasweden.com/include/popup/router.asp>Hollister Täby</a> To save money on gasoline, make certain your car tires are properly inflated. By keeping your wheels whole, your fuel consumption increases by around 3.3 pct. By allowing all of your current car tires to drop just 1 pound for every square inch in pressure, it might decrease your fuel useage by up to 50 % a percent. Learn your state's minimum liabilty insurance plan demands just before looking for vehicle insurance. Also, find out how very much an insurer will charge you for different vehicle types when you are considering a whole new automobile. A sports coupe may cost hundreds and even countless numbers a lot more than protection for a secure loved ones automobile with all the most recent safety measures. <a href=http://www.rosemann.com/landing/false.php>Hogan Shoes</a> http://thpttpcaolanh.edu.vn/v3/diendan/member.php?action=profile&uid=7825 http://www.ntlinfo.co.th/board/index.php?action=profile;u=67469 http://smfpacks.com/themedemo/index.php?action=profile;u=35761 http://puellanova.pl/forum/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=79719 http://forum.xperiaphone.fr/profile.php?id=168795
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Even though he passed out at the outset of 2011, Jack LaLanne lived a full life of 96 yrs and was solid and radiant until the really stop. That which was his magic formula? Nicely, based on him, he was actually a juice machine -- someone that refreshments concoctions composed of refreshing fruits and vegetables. Anyhow, learn about several of the tips inside the report beneath. <a href=http://www.ptmania.nl/cms/phocadownloadpap/define.html>Uggs Aanbieding</a> Lots of people usually do not such as the high acidity within their iced gourmet coffee. The right way to lessen the level of acidity where you can milder produce would be to brew the coffee chilly. This is a straightforward method that will take about 12 hrs inside the refrigerator. You can start your produce at night and also have cold caffeine for your personal push to operate. <a href=http://www.pmz.nl/projects/com_platform/links/define.asp>Air Max 1</a> Keep your footwear in the doorway. Truth be told, your boots might be a common breeding soil for mildew, specially in the drop several weeks when there are actually leaves on the ground. Steer clear of take the mildew to your home by getting everyone take away their boots just before they head into your house. <a href=http://www.notusmaritima.com/products/seinemaster/router.html>Longchamp Bag</a> Employing a kennel when you're not in the home are often very effective, especially for a youthful pet. The crate maintains a puppy safe, as well as guards your home from nibbling and restroom mishaps. Your pup can learn to feel relaxed and guarded in their crate property when you are aside. <a href=http://www.ferresarquitectos.com/docs/content.html>Timberland Madrid</a> Being a parent, restriction your child's time taking part in online games. Although xbox game actively playing in as well as itself is not bad, it is not necessarily notably best for your kids to perform several hours after time of online games. Set a timer for your personal kid to help you reduce his video game enjoying time. Advise individuals that you may have special promotions around the mobile phone-advertising system. Use fliers, business card printing and social networking to spread the word relating to your mobile phone-marketing plan. Weblog regarding your promotions and need men and women to fire up their favorite cell phones to go into on the special fun, coupons and savings. <a href=http://m.procuradorestorrejon.es/plugins/content/user.php>Botas Ugg España</a> http://www.jomaliamusic.com/user-20383.html http://endurofahrer.de/forum_alt/member.php?action=profile&uid=99515 http://puzzlebox.info/forums/member.php?action=profile&uid=48338 http://www.pctechforum.com/member.php?action=profile&uid=212626 http://forum.krisb.net/member.php?action=profile&uid=65785
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